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Research and development strength

  Putailai always believes that the technological research is the key momentum in the enterprise development。 It keeps investing in talent recruitment and training, and cooperates actively with famous university experts and downstream clients to build the leading strength in the lithium ion battery industry。


The structure of research team
  In the Putailai headquarter, the Product R&D Department plans the strategical projects for the enterprise development, initiates the potential market investigation in respect with leading technology, devotes itself to researching new material and its application.

  Putailai consists of 19 subsidiaries and the head office. Every main subsidiary has its own R&D team which includes many talents with doctor and master degree. These R&D team often exchange academic ideas and findings and cooperate with famous and professional experts and clients in the industry to develop new products and solve technological problems. Through their long-term efforts, Putailai has formed unique competitive advantage in the lithium ion battery industry.

 The Academic Cooperation

Zichen specializes  in Lithium-ion anode material with the annual capacity of more than 30,000 tons at present. Zichen owns outstanding talents in anode material application with a strong independent R&D capability, and establishes good relationship with scientific research institutions and universities, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences Physics Department, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Institute of Organic CHemistry and South China University of Technology.

Jiangxi Zichen has cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Physics Department in researching High Energy Density Lithium Ion Batteries and Nano Silicon Carbon Anode Materials, and organized teams to develop the sample of SinoLion. At the same time, for better production environment and more professional academic guidance, they also build the production workshop in Jiangxi Fengxin city.

Now Jiangxi  Zichen and Dongguan AMT are reacting to the demand of the down-stream clients to create new products and hold the long-term cooperation relationship with them. On the one hand, Jiangxi Zichen has signed the agreement about anode materials for future applications. On the other hand, Dongguan AMT developed Stainless steel-Lamination-Film, Which made the breakthrough for the on-board and energy storage lithium battery packing process. 


 Jiangxi Zichen: Anode Material

Mr. Suning Feng: the VP of Putailai and the GM of Jiangxi Zichen
23 years research experiences
Leadering expert in the anode material field
One of the key inventors of CMS and FSN
The SiC product: high stored energy, long service life, wide application in EV (electric vehicle) industry



Dongguan AMT and AET: Aluminum-Lamination-Film and Film

Dedicatedto variable Lithium Battery packing material development and manufacture

The products quality has approached to the Japanese manufacturing level

Break the monopoly of foreign congeneric products

Make the breakthrough for the on-board and energy storage lithium battery packing process



 Keaton: Micro-Nano powder
  Specialized in Micro- or nano-grade new materials

Alumina capacity 1000t per year

Products sold to several world famous LIB and separator companies

Most of items can be tested by Keaton ourselves, such as particle size, BET, pH value, Moisture Content and purity.


 Shenzhen New Katop: Automation equipment
   Adhering to the innovative technology philosophy, Katop attentively creates pleasant experience of automatic production. Continuously improving coating technologies and effectively accumulating on-hand technological experience, Katop has reaped the recognition from clients  and the respect from its counterparts.





The company specializes in quality design and technical innovation to lead the domestic coating technology development. Its process engineering products include Lithium-ion Battery Electrode Coater, Lithium Battery Separators Coater, Polaroid Film & Laminating Machine, Silicon Coating & Laminating Nachine, Alplastic Film Coating & Laminating Machine, etc. The company has strong technical strength and rich experience in precision machinery, modern control technology, the new sensor applications as well as large-scale integrated automation projects. Consequently, it is able to provide process automation, factory automation and production processes connectivity solutions for clients. 



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