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Career development

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Putailai has——
Clear career development paths;

Steady career development ladder;
Scientific career development potential assessment;
Improved skills training and education programs
Putailai believes ——
Employees are our most valuable assets.
Putailai is proud to offer ——
Career development in continuously growth environment and space;
Continuous improvement in personal qualities and skills;
Continuous achievement in self-worth and personal dreams!


With the support of Putailai, along the way of staff. Yan Zhou


——Vice general manager,R&D,Shenzhen New Katop


    I am honoured to be one of the Putailai group。 The one thing we all have in common is that we are passionate about what we do and love new technical challenges。 Each day brings us new opportunities to grow。


      On a steady career ladder, To improve the staff in Tailai Pu temper Lixia Yin

  ——Putailai Headquarters Minister of Audit Department


       Putailai Has been paying attention to the standardization of enterprise management, In order to strengthen the group's internal audit work, promote the company to improve the operation and management, Avoid business risk, Enhance the ability of sustainable development。 Minister of audit Yin lixia, Has a wealth of experience in multi industry internal audit, by chance,join Putailai the big family, In the positive, growing environment to accept the challenge and experience ag

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