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Mr. William Chen:  

He was appointed to General Manager of Putailai Group on November 2015. 


He is an expert on the lithium-ion battery field, one of the founders of ATL.  He has more than 25 years’ experience, a wealth of knowledge and industry resources across R&D, manufacturing, technology and management sectors in the field of the Lithium-ion battery and material, automation process.  Mr. Chen is also the inventor of a number of lithium-ion battery and related material patents.


Mr Suning Feng: 

Mr. Feng has a Bachelor of Engineering in Coal Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology. He was as an engineer of Anshan Thermal Energy Research Institute. He previously held Deputy General Manager and General Manager roles at Shanghai Shanshan Technology, Ningbo Shanshan and Shanghai Shanshan Shuoneng. 

Mr。 Feng is an expert in the field of artificial graphite anode materials。 In 2002, he was awarded the first prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology which was jointly issued by China Iron and Steel Industry Association and China Society for Metal。 He is one of the inventors of the Carbon Microbeads intermediate System (CMS) patent, the chief inventor of the FSN series product patent。 He presided over the development of a series of new products such as 8C, G1 in Jiangxi Zichen Technology。 He has rich experience in R&D, production, sales and management of anode materials for the lithium-ion battery industry。



Mr. Xiaodong Qi: 

He was appointed to the role of Vice GM of Putailai Group in November 2015. He is also the General Manager of Shenzhen New Katop.


He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Manufacturing Equipment and Technology from Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute. He

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