Group Team-Board of Directors

Category Description :

Board of directors: There are 5 directors in the board which two of them are independent directors. The board of directors sets up 4 different committees for strategy, audit, nomination and remuneration.


Mr. Feng Liang:

Chairman of the board of Putailai Group in November 2015。

Bachelor of Automation Degree from the South China University of Technology。

Master of Economics from Zhejiang University.

Industrial experience:

General Manager of Investment Department of Citic Group,

General Manager Assistant of Citic Group,

Fund manager/Director of Equity Investment Department of Citic Fund & AIG-Huatai Fund, 

CEO of Shanghai Yiyang Investment. 


Mr. William Chen: 

Board director since November 2015. 

General Manager of Putailai Group since November 2012. 

Bachelor of Precise Instrument from University of Science and Technology of China。

Industrial experience:

Senior manager of Dongguan SAE Process Department, SAE (1993-1999),

Engineering Director and Vice President of Engineering。 ATL (1999-2010)。

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